There are many different ways

you can volunteer to help LGMF keep its operational costs low. Equally important as financial giving, these ‘In-Kind’ donations also make a huge impact. Volunteering is a rewarding experience and is also a wonderful way to personally connect with LGMF musicians! We recognize our valued volunteers here on this website and in all printed concert programs.

Provide housing
become a host family
Own a Hotel?
become an affiliate promoter - earning bonuses and free passes!
Do you like to cook?
help prepare meals for musicians each weekday
Own a Restaurant?
provide a 10-20% discount to musicians/pass holders or sponsor a musician lunch!
help with musician transport
around town
treat a musician to something nice
dinner, hike, or boat cruise?
Lend us a bicycle or car
during the festival
Donate the use of your grand piano
for musicians to play on
help with publicity
including advertising the festival in your place of business
Assist with fundraising efforts
every dollar counts!
Host a party or cocktail hour
for musicians and sponsors
Host a fundraising event in support of LGMF
at your home or business

Ways to get involved